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I Just Want to Train my Dog for Fun Things

One of the most common misconceptions in Dog Training is that we as trainers have a different category, method or special class for training dogs for fun activities. I often have people who sign up for classes tell me that they want to enroll in a class just to train their dogs for fun activities and to have a well behaved dog around the house.

What I think people fail to realize and understand is that we are training you to train your dog, which is still the only method that really works.

Dog training foundations are in fact the same whether you want to go on to competition canine sports or just have a great dog to live with. The training principles are exactly the same the difference is the degree of perfection that the handler demands from the dog.

As an Obedience and Rally Obedience judge I can tell you the difference between Novice Obedience and Novice Rally Obedience is more in the scoring and rules than the actual foundation training required by the dogs.

A good puppy or novice obedience class is still your best option to give you and your dog the necessary skills for a happy life together regardless of future ambitions.

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