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What to ask when you’re looking for a dog trainer????

Just like any service you’re looking to secure you need to do your homework. Acquiring and asking the right questions Is key.

Dog trainers unfortunately are not part of a regulated industry and subsequently anyone can hang their shingle out as a Dog Trainer. Many accreditation programs are nothing more than online workshops or certification that require little demonstration of actual skill. We encourage people to ask the following questions?

  1. How many years of experience do you have training and instructing dogs

( A good trainer and instructor will have trained many dogs in canine foundational obedience exercises and hopefully have competed in a canine sport where their methods are put to the test)

2. What are the average sizes of your

training classes and the area that

your classes are held in?

( Successful canine training classes should average no more than 6 participants per instructor. The area that the classes are held in should have the square footage for the participants to move around freely. 2,000 to 3,000 square feet is acceptable.)

3. What’s the trainers experience with

different breeds and any specific

behavioural problems you may be

seeking help with.

(A good trainer will be aware of breed specific traits and subsequent training issues. If you’re seeking help for canine behaviour problems make sure they can give you references of previous client.)

4. What Methods do they use or even

better ask if you can go and watch

a class they may currently have in session.

(Training methods that produce results will be balanced, fair and humane. They should be more than happy to have you visit their facility and watch a training session.)

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